How To Use Hashtags For Your Social Media Business Profile


Hashtags can be a very powerful tool for a business. They help to aggregate all the social media content at a single place. So you can connect to a specific topic, event, or business at a single place by way of hashtags.

Not only this, but hashtags also help to increase business visibility and increase audience engagement.

Why Should You Use Hashtags For Business?

#1. Increase in Audience Engagement

Using relevant hashtags to your post on Instagram can help to increase engagement by 12.6%.  On Twitter, hashtags can increase engagement by 50%.

#2. Brand Growth

Creating unique hashtags for your business can help you to stand out from the crowd. This can be an effective way to promote business and drive conversations with clients.

#3. Target Right Audience

Instagram and Twitter give an opportunity for users to follow the hashtags according to their interests. So use popular and relevant hashtags to target the right audience.

These are the core benefits of using hashtags but the question is, how to use hashtags for your social media business profile?

Here you can find some effective ways to use hashtags for your social media business profile –

#1. Keep Your Hashtags Simple and Relevant

Choose the hashtags that people are searching and that is easy to remember at the same time. If you choose long hashtags with many words will not give you much engagement. Also an unclear, never used hashtags will not yield the best results.

So your hashtag should be unique, simple, and easy to spell. It should give clients a clear idea about your business or conversation.

#2. Focus on Trending Hashtags

Trending hashtags is a topic that is very popular at a particular point in time. Often they are centered on a piece of major news or topics of the world. Use trending hashtags to reach a wider audience and improve your brand’s visibility.

Before using a trending hashtag make sure that it is relevant to your post and adds value to your conversation.

You can find trending hashtags using Twitter and Google+. Also, there are several hashtags monitoring sites such as, Trendsmap, Hashtagify, etc that will help you to monitor existing trends.

#3. Make Use of Hashtags on Multiple Social Media Platforms

Hashtags are not only limited to Twitter or Instagram but every social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc is using hashtags. Make use of hashtags on several platforms, in order to reach a massive audience.

In addition, when you use it multiple times, people will easily remember your hashtags.

Follow these tips for using hashtags on different social media platforms –


# You can use as many hashtags you want with a 280-character limit

# Twitter recommends using no more than two hashtags per tweet

# Do your research before creating and using a new hashtag

# Use trending hashtags for a wider audience

# You can see the same in Twitter’s Trending Topics


# Use up to two hashtags and include trending or popular hashtags

# Constantly monitor your brand’s specific hashtags


# You can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram posts and 10 in stories. You can also use them in comments when engaging with followers

# For maximum engagement use around 10 hashtags in your posts

# Use Instagram Insights to find out how many followers you got from hashtags


# On LinkedIn keep your hashtags extremely professional and relevant

# Usage of maximum 5 hashtags is recommended otherwise your post could be marked as spam

# Get suggestions from LinkedIn before publishing a post or update


# Don’t use more than 20 hashtags in the description

# Look for suggestions given by Pinterest

# Use unique and specific ones that make your business more discoverable

#4. Never Overuse Hashtags

Hashtags are important but overusing the same can be dangerous for your business. Use the two most relevant hashtags for your posts. Including too many can leave the impression that you are spamming.

Also, avoid using hashtags for every post as it will give the impression that your business is trying too hard to advertise.

#5. Use Specific and Unique Hashtags

Generic hashtags won’t perform well for your brand. Instead, try using some unique ones in order to get maximum engagement. Make sure that the hashtag you choose for business is unique and properly researched.

#7. Maximize Audience Engagement

One prime purpose of hashtags is to connect your brand with its target customers. This also drives new users to your profile, and then you can engage with them.

Using them correctly will help you to reach a more targeted audience and improve customer relationships with them.

Final Thoughts

Hashtags play a crucial role in your social media marketing strategy. It’s an easy way to get engagement, more followers, brand’s visibility on various online platforms. 

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