Hammerzz Nightclub

SEO Case Study

Find out how we successfully grew the search engine ranking for Hammerzz Nightclub.

The Challenge

Hammerzz Nightclub is known for its best DJ Nights & state-of-the-art Luxury Nightclub Goa. Hammerzz approached us in November 2020. Basically, they wanted to draw in more audiences who are looking for night parties to their website, organically and inorganically creating more engagement and traffic. 


For that,We had to consider different ways to improve their SEO ranking as well as taking a look at the website in its current format to identify any areas for improvement. 


During an initial SEO audit, we were able to identify:

  1. metadata was missing.
  2. The main keywords were not ranking.
  3. Load time of the website was very slow.


In order to overcome the challenges that we identified, we initially began to work on creating a strategy that was entirely fresh such as optimizing the title and meta tags on the website. By doing this, search engines are able to decipher what the content on your page is about, and therefore more likely to show your results first in the search engine. We did this for every page as well as the homepage to ensure that no opportunities were missed to improve ranking.Loading time of the page was also identified and  accordingly, reduced image’s file sizes which helped to improve  website’s performance.We also carried out competitor analysis, strategies that can provide you with a distinct advantage in the competitive environment.


By conducting highly detailed keyword research, we gain a deeper insight into the audience; how they search online and could rank for keywords on Google. Based on this understanding, we worked with our targeted keywords and started with off-page techniques. Optimizing for off-site ranking factors involves improving search engine and user perception of a site’s popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority. off-page techniques helped the website appear higher in search rankings. Along with improving the organic ranking, we put additional focus on finding new and innovative ways to drive new users to the website and increase traffic. We regularly kept an eye on  SEO rankings. Regularly tracking our SEO ensured our onsite content is accurate with regards to what users are searching for. The effort of an aggressive keyword paid off. We were able to rank 7 keywords on the First Search engine ranking page.

Meanwhile, we introduced a Paid Search Campaign on Google whose goal was to generate website traffic. The main aim was to show ads in the first position and diverge all traffic for nightlife onto the website. We set upon extensively researching the target audience like all those looking for night parties in North Goa. We ran Google ads in the month of November and December for about 2 weeks. Through carefully managing budgets and carrying out consistent keyword management and analysis, we managed to get 241 website visitors. The Ads ran in major places in North Goa. Also Managed to improve the click rate and reduce cost per click in December.

Using a combination of SEO and PPC we witnessed exponential growth around organic traffic through targeted pay-per-click campaigns in Google analytics. Working on target audiences, locations new user traffic increased. Improving website speed and functionality in tangent was also lending to its ranking factors.

The Results