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SinQ Nightclub

The Challenge

SinQ Nightclub is on the lively & vibrant Candolim stretch, in Goa. The club, over the years, has hosted the never-ending, thronging tourists that flood Goa, & has also served as a party center to the local regulars of the Nightclub scene in Goa. Due to its persisting fame, SinQ NightClub’s bookings & reservations are limited only to BookMyShow or at the nightclub itself. Party Organizers choose themes for different nights and plan parties accordingly, so SinQ Nightclub’s entry fee for all parties is nearly impossible to keep constant.

On 31st December, SinQ Nightclub hosts a NYE party and Goa being a tourist destination has many clubs that also plan an event on the 31st. Many venues over hype a new year party, only for it to be a disappointment. SinQ Nightclub on the other hand, plans a roster for the night which the crowd always enjoys. An ingenious business plan for promoting SinQ’s event was required.

SinQ Nightclub took the decision to channel their efforts towards effectively generating more online bookings. We worked with the goal to promote SinQ NYE 2022 to people who would be most interested and get as many bookings & table reservations as possible!

The Goal of 10 Lakhs as generated revenue was finalized and agreed upon as to consider the event successful.

The Solution

Devising the strategy, we began with a substantial amount of research on the type of audience we were trying to reel in. Our ads analysts retrieved data from previous ad campaigns, scrutinized the demographics, and based on the details we learnt that table reservations and ticket bookings came mostly from people visiting the state.

Discerning the target audience and making heads or tails of the challenges of successfully getting through to them required a business plan.

The strategy we took was simple: create maximum awareness amongst potentially interested people and drive that traffic to the booking website (BookMyShow). Static post for Brand awareness went online on 23rd November 2021 as teasers hinting at why SinQ’s NYE would be the best club to party at. To direct the people interested to purchase tickets, traffic ads leading to the event page on BookMyShow were set up alongside the Brand Awareness ads.

The results of our initial attempts presented a clear path for us to go by. By the 5th of December inquiries and sales were coming in at a slow but steady pace. The BookMyShow link was undeniably gathering clicks and relevant sales.

The organizers were informed that to see a sharper increase of reservations, budgets would need to increase. We optimized the campaigns with additional information like DJ announcements and more images (carousel) to build hype from the traffic ads and the daily spending limits were increased to show the ads more frequently to a wider audience.

By mid December, the numbers were climbing at a satisfying rate. We uploaded video creatives which boosted interest and furthermore increased bookings.

The Results

  • The tourist season peaks between December-January in Goa.  The added influx of tourists are on the lookout for things to do from the moment of their arrival till they leave. In that list of things to do in Goa, dancing and nightclubs are always sought after so it was just a matter of garnering the right attention and directing it towards the SinQ event.

    Our net spend for the ads until the day of the event was around ₹40,000. We didn’t just meet our goal, but exceeded it too. We generated above ₹15 lakh in total for SInQ  Nightclub’s new year party 2022 by the end of the booking. Capitalizing on the digital sphere, SinQ Nightclub’s management made timely decisions with our data powered opinions to guarantee a successful New Year’s Eve party.
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