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Mahesh Pai

The Challenge

Based in Goa, Mr. Mahesh Pai is the sole proprietor and a leading financial consultant in his own Finance & Business consultancy service. Bestowed with many national level accolades such as “Fastest Growing Business Consultancy Firm in West India” by India’s Brand & Leadership Award 2018 & The National Choice Award for “Excellence in Financial Service for the year 2017”, his services mainly cover 3 categories; Investments, Loans & Business development coaching. 

The services he provides are mainly utilized by top notch HNI (High Networth Individual) clients from various business sectors, entrepreneurs, builders, contractors, architects, doctors, CAs, industrialists and NRIs (Non Resident Indian). Upon the beginning of the pandemic though, a lot of service-based businesses were badly affected and his business wasn’t an exception. To alleviate the burden on his service, he decided to use the online method of attracting new clients. An active website for his business was already in place before he contacted us and he wished to divert maximum traffic towards employing his services from the website.

We identified a few targets that were realistic to achieve and would help his business grow online

  • Create a landing page that is attractive yet informative to engage website visitors.
  • Increase traffic through lead generation campaigns .
  • Create content that represents Mahesh Pai & his services.

The Solution

Our team at Digit Cure went about addressing the problems by firstly auditing the previous website. We noticed that the bounce rate (i.e how long a web visitor stays on site) was extremely high, meaning that people viewing the page either didn’t find what they were looking for, or were dissatisfied by the interface and on-site navigation. The website ranked moderately high on search engines for relevant keywords so it wasn’t that people weren’t looking for financial service.

We decided to set up an easy access, simple landing page for a 30 day period, that displayed his services and their benefits in a light and easy to understand manner.

From a wide approach of attracting all types clients, which was how Mr. Mahesh was operating online, we changed strategies to be more centric towards different groups of people.

Ads were set up for life insurance, health insurance, loans and financial consultancy. Some of the ad campaigns had a mutual target audience but the ads were set up so as to be relevant to the one who sees them, thus maximizing how many people actually clicked on them to learn more or to avail the services. By honing in on the most applicable people, we ensured that whatever was invested into running ads wasn’t wasted. 

Across various social media platforms insightful content was developed. Interesting and engaging blogs were reworked and shortened so as to entice people to avail his services when they go on to any of Mahesh Pai’s social accounts. 

The Results

  • With our advanced ad strategies & detailed targetting we were able to achieve the following:
  • In the 30 day period of the landing page being active the average time spent by visitors increased.
  • Around 50 HNI leads were generated to avail his services.
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