7 Ways To Build Brand Loyalty With Social Media


Brand loyalty is an invaluable reward and is more important than getting new followers. In fact, customer retention can boost your revenues as 80% of your revenues come from existing clients. (Gartner)

The likelihood of converting an existing person into a loyal customer is 60-70% more than converting a prospect into a new consumer. Also getting new customers is 5 times more expensive than retaining old ones.

Due to all these reasons, it is important to build a group of loyal customers for your business. So we have compiled 7 ways to build brand loyalty with social media.

#1. Share Quality Content

In order to maintain your followers, you need to share quality content that is useful for them. The formats that you choose for displaying the content is equally important. The audience should find it interesting and worthy.

Better quality content will give you more shares, likes, and comments. This will also increase audience engagement.

Also, include visual content such as videos, pictures, infographics to make your content more striking and noticeable.

#2. Answer and Acknowledge Your Customers

People like to be acknowledged. In a recent study, 72% of the millennials said that they are loyal to the brands that respond to them.

Make sure that you consistently respond to the questions posted by your followers. Once you answer them, they will feel connected and part of your network. You can also directly engage with them by replying to their comments and reposting their posts. This will build a sense of brand loyalty.

Also, you can answer the queries posted by anyone apart from your followers. Simply search for keywords or hashtags related to your industry, find the questions, and precisely answer them.

#3. Share Positive Feedbacks

Share the positive reviews you get from customers. This will help you to build the trust of existing customers and at the same time, you’re likely to attract new followers.

This is due to the psychological fact that people tend to follow the crowd and they will be loyal to the brand that has good customer reviews.

You can directly ask for customer reviews. Once they leave a positive review, thank them and share their review with all your followers.

#4. Share User-Generated Content

Your customers are creating content of their own. One of the great ways to improve brand loyalty is to share user-generated content. You can share the photos and videos they take while using your product.

You can also run a contest and invite them to tag you or use your brand’s hashtag. This will make it easier for you to locate such content. This will build trust in the minds of followers as this content is created by the users and not your brand.

#5. Share Your Opinions and Values

People usually engage with brands that share their beliefs and values. You can share the values of your brand and fundamental principles with your followers to build a similar community.

A brand will get more loyal customers if it creates posts about environment protection, equality on the basis of gender, etc. This attracts target customers who will know that the brand is conscious of society.

But at the same time make sure to be authentic. Say what you believe, not what people want to hear.

#6. Engage with an Influencer

Almost 50-60% of people find out about a brand through social media influencers. Users trust influencers and their reviews. So it is a good idea to get in touch with an influencer who has a similar brand image as yours or someone who specializes in the industry.

If such an influencer will show trust in your product, the followers will be encouraged to buy the same for themselves.

#7. Make Use of Ads

Using ads and paid promotion is a strategy to build new customers and increase your presence. But you can also use it to build brand loyalty. Dynamic ads can be used by your brand to target your existing customers and encourage them to purchase more from your brand.

Dynamic ads can be started by connecting your product catalog to Facebook. After setting this up, Facebook’s algorithm will choose relevant products and show it to your past customers. Such products are displayed on the basis of their purchase history.

Final Word

Social media is an important tool to engage with your audience. It is also a powerful tool to build new customers by influencer partnerships or ads, etc. once you are past the introduction phase, you need loyal customers.

Using these seven strategies can help you build brand loyalty on all the social media accounts of your business. Try various combinations and strategies and check what works best for you.

Good luck!!

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