What is Google My Business?


Google my business is a tool from the google family that allows a business owner or any party affiliated with the business to list the business on google search results and on google maps with the permission of the owner of the business.

Important details like the timings of the business, link to a website, and contact details of the business can be displayed. The listing is usually free of any cost and it is advisable for all businesses to list themselves on Google My Business, no matter if the said business is an online business.

Businesses can also keep their customers and viewers interested in them by posting all events and interesting articles on GMB.

How Important is it to get your Business listed on Google

Roughly 80% of searches go through Google, which means that your business’ potential audience is probably looking at google for information on business’ like yours. Apart from generating traffic, there are great benefits of listing a business on Google My Business are summarised as follows:

  1. Get your business on Google’s Local 3-Pack
    Google’s local 3 pack is nothing but the top 3 results in google search when people search for keywords or businesses like yours, businesses can now improve their chance of listing higher in google search by listing and optimizing GMB.
  2. Engage with and reach wider potential audiences
    Listing on Google My Business helps you engage with the target market of the business as well as reach wider portions of the potential market as the eyeballs post listing of the business increase vastly. This in turn can increase the quality of sales and also the revenue of the business.
  3. Establish your business’ authority 
    Google My Business helps businesses to solidify their positions in the market and also increase brand recognition by continuously updating and optimizing the business profile on GMB. When a business posts regularly about the happenings and special events, most naturally the customers are going to be drawn towards what your business is offering over the competitors’ products.
  4. Increase the credibility of your business
    Any business can create a distinctive amount of reputation building and thereby increase its credibility by merely being present on GMB as potential customer’s trust in a brand increases once they see a listing of the business.
  5. Increase the sales 
    Brands notice that their sales and also their traffic count on the websites as well as the physical stores drastically increases, this is because the business has a wider avenue post listing it on GMB.

  6. Learn more about your business
    By listing your business on Google My Business you can learn more about it and what customers feel about your business with reviews posted by customers about your business and also get valuable insights from google about your business through their tools such as Google Analytics.

By listing your business on Google My Business you can learn more about it and what customers feel about your business with reviews posted by customers about your business and also get valuable insights from google about your business through their tools such as Google Analytics.

What are the Key Benefits of Google My Business?

There are multiple benefits of listing a business on GMB the following are the 5 major ones:

  1. Make your business appear in Maps and local pack listings
    You might have noticed the map that appears when you search for a place in google or a list of the top results that appears once you press search. Listing on GMB provides your business the opportunity of being listed under these 2 categories.

  2. Increases the visibility of your business
    When users use Google they usually see the local pack after they search for what they are looking for. Apart from the search results, google also includes Maps, contact, and more information that a user might need about the business. Therefore, brands must continuously optimize their GMB listings to amplify their visibility.
  3. Allows customers to interact with you through reviews
    Reviews usually have a trifecta of advantages which are firstly, they help in ranking the business higher on the search engine result page(SERP). It is noticed that around 10% weightage is given to customer reviews while ranking on google. Secondly, reviews help increase the sales of the business as it creates good word of mouth. Lastly, helps you engage with your customer base and see what they have to say about your business.
  4. Insights help you improve your business
    Insights on google is an important tool, it enables you to access statistics and insights that can help understand where your audience is coming from. It also shows you the views, number of clicks on the website link, search queries, and also the amount of engagement received by the audience.
  5. Free and easy to use
    Creating and verifying your profile can be done absolutely free of cost on google. Verification of your profile is usually done within a few hours but it can also be done instantaneously by using some tools. Furthermore, there isn’t a fee for optimizing or updating information on GMB. All these factors make GMB a viable option to promote a business and grow it.

Final Words

The benefits of listing under GMB are vastly defined and also majorly essential for businesses in order to do well in the market. It’s worth spending a little time on listing it could turn out to be very fruitful for the business. The advantages that listing under GMB offers are all free of cost which means that without any investment the returns are drastically improved. Your business might be an online one or maybe just a small store, it will always need a platform to amp up the viewers. GMB offers exactly this platform and can help scale your business to new heights. 

In the next part of the blog by Digit Cure – Digital Marketing Firm in Goa, we will learn how to add your business on GMB and Optimization Tips.






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