Tips to Create Content that Will Make Your Audience Want to Share


In this digital age, content is king. The smart digital marketers use the best quality content to increase brand awareness and bring in traffic to their sites. The content creator always wishes their content to go viral. Developing content that people would love to share is indeed a daunting task, but it is worth the efforts as your website starts getting a huge number of traffics.

Adding images and other features like graphics would generate more leads and attention from your potential visitors but only adding images is not good enough. Use the following tips to create content that will make your audience compelled to share.

1. Recognize who your audience is?

Before you start writing, recognize your target audience. It is almost impossible for people to share your content if they are not interested in it. Therefore, it’s better to make out who your audience is and offer your content to them. All you require to have an answer to the basic queries like:

1. Who are you targeting?

2. What are the requirements of your target audience?

3. When your target audience is online?

4. Where they work, play or live?

5. Why your audience is online?

6. How your audience is accessing the internet?

7. Make use of analytics

If you want to know about your audience likes and dislikes so that you can know what to include in the content so that it works for you, then use analytics. Social media analytics can provide you with a great deal of information about what is working and what’s not. You can also make some analysis of some of the best performing posts and create them.

2. Create a headline that draws attention:

The headline of your content makes the first impression and you must make it unique and attractive. Even if you have made your content very good, but some people get diverted when they do not find the headline very attractive. There are several ways of creating a highly engaging headline. You can:

1. Make your title promising.

2. Numbers that allows your reader to make an estimation.

3. Keep stimulating questions for developing curiosity.

3. Learn from your market peers:

Have a look at some of the top-notch pages of your type industry and try to get knowledge on what works for them. The same thing might work for you also. Gain knowledge from those companies who are your competitors and try to go beyond them. Their way of marketing may resonate with your company also.

4. Keep your content original and unique:

The internet is surely infinite, so there are high chances that somebody else might have written the topic you have chosen. You can add something else to make it more interactive, funny or distinct. No matter what you add always maintain the originality.

5. Keep the information easily accessible:

There is a lot of information available online. When people are online reading, they search for varied pages to see if the content is there which they need. If the reader will not get anything relevant and exactly the thing they are looking for, they will simply move on. So, it is very important to make your information accessible. But now, here are a few things to look after:

1. Make use of headings and sub-headings.

2. Utilize lists to make all information very easy to systematize.

3. Always write very short and crisp paragraphs.

4. Includes straightforward languages and impressive vocabulary.

5. Explain your points with images.

6. Include an Infographics to describe complex data.

7. Make use of white space as a big block of text can become highly intimidating.

6. Never hesitate to make content long:

Don’t trust people saying that the present generation does not like reading lengthy content. It is true that young people give high priority to time and do not stick around for much time. But if you are presenting premium quality and highly engaging content, you can make the content long as well as detailed. The survey shows that contents that are long and in-depth are shared more than short content.

7. Induce emotions:

When people get emotional about something, they are compelled to share. Along with all relevant insights, people would share much when the content evokes emotions like awe, anxiety, and anger. That content that arouses positive emotions also gets shared more.

Developing and posting good quality shareable content is difficult but it will offer you a wider and natural reach. So, curate your post carefully, so that it appeals to every potential customer.

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