5 Reasons Why Small Businesses should take up Digital Marketing.


Big businesses start small“, but do all small businesses turn big? Very few can make their existence and presence in the market – a world of high competition. Most small businesses go with traditional ways of marketing and end up spending a lot of money with low results. Digital Marketing is just the thing you need to boost your business. In simple terms, Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies on the Internet, and here are some reasons why!

A very affordable and advanced way to take your business ahead, not every small business has a big budget to invest in marketing. Imagine spending 1,30,000 INR (source: seriouslysimplemarketing.com) on advertising using broadcast, newspapers, magazines and mails, when you can save up to 80% on the same using Digital Marketing. (This does mean you save a lot to invest in other aspects of your business)

There are 2 Billion active members on Facebook itself! Facebook owns 3 of the top 6 social media being Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. Now, that’s a wide community to look for. A stronger online presence will lead to high exposure. The insights in social media platforms provide a great way to target the right audience based on age, interest, country and time.

Almost everyone uses mobile phones and tablets. Using strategies and tactics to support such easily accessible devices will add on as tremendous growth support. Digital content, especially with images and videos, generate high – 650% of engagement. B2B is growing fast, so is their priority for visual content. Three-fourths of B2B prefer visual content over any traditional sources.

Why do you prefer a product over the other? How do you make an opinion on whether to visit a place? How do you trust a service? Reviews! These act as social proof of any business online. Good reviews builds up trust and your solutions to bad reviews helps building trust. It educates your audience to make smarter purchasing decisions. High engagements lead to more growth, helping you attract more leads through search engines.

Small businesses face heavy competition not just from other small businesses, but also from large corporations and industry giants. So, Digital marketing provides you with a platform to show your audience, how you are different from the rest and you stand amongst your competition list. You can make Google fall in love with your business by using the SEO strategies it provides for optimizing your website contents and monitoring.

Now, we have a bunch of reasons why small businesses should take up Digital marketing. So when are you starting a journey to make a difference with this smart step?

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5 Reasons Why Small Businesses should take up Digital Marketing.

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