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Before knowing about lead generation on social media, you should know about leads. Well! Leads can be defined in simple terms as the potential consumers who show interest in your product and offer you their contact information so that you can follow them with some more relevant information. Then these leads can be passed on to the sales department. Nowadays much importance is given the generation of leads on social media. Most of the decision-makers do not respond to cold calls but they are often ready to have a good conversation on social media platforms.

At present, more than 60% of internet users are present on social media. They use it every day offering huge amounts of data to the platforms which is extremely useful for lead generation. It can be easily used by marketers for targeting their audience. There are some reasons why lead generation from social media is growing in popularity. Have a look at these reasons:

1. Search engine marketing has become very difficult and with every update, it is getting even tougher.

2. A new website needs a huge budget for getting good rankings with keywords. In social media, low-cost marketing is offered to a selected audience.

Now when you know the reason behind the growing popularity of social media lead generation let’s get to know about some of the important facts that will help you in making a result-based social media plan for your business.

1. Social media lead generation has decreased costs for businesses by 45%.

2. Businesses achieved 24% more growth because of lead generation through social media.

3. More than 70% of the businesses utilized social media to generate leads in the year 2019.

Thus, we can say that social media is not only helping your brand to grow but also connecting with existing consumers. If done perfectly by using relevant sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, there is enormous growth in lead generation.

Lead Generation Through Different Social Media Platforms

Lead generation is bringing customers to your sales channel. It is not the same as selling. Earlier, lead generation involved sending surveys in the mall, filling some form in the back of the magazine, etc. but now things changed completely. Now lead generation involves good content, email opts ins, video marketing, and paid campaigns. It is easier as well as quicker to track and gather information from popular leads.

With social media, the process has become even easier because of the information people share on a number of social media sites. Here are few things to keep in mind for lead generation using different social media sites.

Facebook Lead Generation:

1) Obtaining a large number of leads on Facebook mainly implies running some paid ads. With varied changes in the algorithm of Facebook, it is a bit difficult but cost-effective compared to AdWords or any other campaigning method. Keep in mind some tips for generating leads through Facebook:

2) Conducting a contest on Facebook is a big hit and it brings in a lot of attention.

3) Make a custom tab on your Facebook page, thereby making it best for capturing leads from Facebook.

4) Don’t look at your page only a way to get some likes and comments. If you want to use it as a lead generation tool, then it depends on the type of content you are posting, types of Ads, and tabs that you set up.

Twitter Lead Generation:

1) Making use of Twitter for generating leads is still at a primitive stage. But still, you might have noticed that the promoted tweets are offered more priority. Follow these important tips for getting more leads through twitter:

2) Make use of twitter lead generation cards.

3) Include some eye-catching images.

4) Create an appealing copy.

5) Use some of the social media monitoring tools for tracking what people are saying about your brand. It helps you to gain on every lead generation opportunity.

LinkedIn Lead Generation:

1) For the generation of B2B leads, LinkedIn is the best channel. It is directed mainly to businesses and professionals which makes it a natural lead generation tool. By following a streamlined process on LinkedIn, maximum benefits can be reaped. Here are few tips for lead generation through LinkedIn:

2) Provide a free sample which will help in making some highly qualified leads.

3) Incorporate LinkedIn as well as Inbound marketing with LinkedIn publishing. This will bring in more leads in the channels as compared to outbound tactics.

4) Integrate with SlideShare and give importance to the making of slide decks that are important for your target audience.

Instagram Lead Generation:

1) Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms and is being used as a platform for generating leads. It can be used for the generation of potential leads. Tips for generating leads on Instagram are:

2) Never ignore the comments.

3) Make use of video clips as this is a relevant marketing tactic. But the video should be creative as well as highly entertaining.

4) Give some impressive Hashtags.

Thus, we can say that social media is not just about branding. It is an effective channel for reaching potential customers. So, you must stop thinking of social media as a tool only for branding but also obtain enhanced value by utilizing them for lead generation.

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