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Launched just 2 years ago in 2018, Google Discover is now one of the most powerful features of Google’s app with over 800 million active users. It recommends new and interesting content based on the user’s previous searches. 

The main purpose of introducing Google Discover was to build detailed user journeys rather than just providing instant information based on user’s queries/keywords by the search engine. 

This has introduced the shift from a keyword-based search to query less way of search by anticipating what content/information the user might be interested in, thereby, serving the agenda of helping the users to explore their interests better. 

Why Google Discover is important? 

Google Discover holds the key to shape the future of marketing as it helps you stand out amongst the pool of similar businesses online. You can enjoy higher traffic and better rankings through engaging search engine optimized content on personalized feeds of the users. 

It’s more like a social media platform than a search engine based on a user’s past online activity. Even though it’s not a replacement of Google Search and is only mobile app-based, it can add significant value to your search engine optimization strategy.

Fascinated about how you can take benefit your SEO strategy and increase your chances of landing on Google Discover?

Here is a list of steps which can boost your rankings and generate high volumes of traffic: 

1.  Create quality content

One of the foremost practices you can adopt to increase your chances of landing on to Google Discover is to create quality content. Rich quality content that is relevant to the users is beyond any other tactic which will work wonders for any business. 

Algorithmically, Google Discover is designed to rank the most interesting content as per Google to rank higher. The content ranking is directly related to the relevance of content and the user’s interest. The main thing to understand here is that Google Discover focuses upon the user’s past content consumption behavior i.e. it shows content that is mostly related to what a user has already consumed. 

Regarding content strategy, it is advised to use high-resolution images and videos. Visually appealing and informative photos and videos along with engaging titles capture user’s attention more. While doing so, remember to always use alternate texts and well-defined interlinking between content for better SEO.

Post content on trending topics to never miss out on the user’s attention & keep adding value for great organic traffic and engagement on your website.

Bonus Tip – Post more videos. As we all know, video marketing is booming these days. Engage your users with informative short length videos on relevant topics. One way to include videos is through embedding YouTube videos into articles. This comes under Schema Markup. This provides a chance to show up in the feed on their own and even outperform the video content itself.

2. Create Google My Business Account &Knowledge Graph entity 

To be featured on Google Discover, it is necessary to have a Google My Business account or an entity in Knowledge Graph. 

Google Business Account and Knowledge graph provides visibility and maintains online presence which is required to ramp up your chances of landing on Google Discover. Knowledge Graph layer maps how user interests and expertise develop over a period. This is also known as the Topic layer which connects all the dots of having consistent entities within a category. This builds the trustworthiness and reliability necessary to be visible on Google Discover.

3. Mobile Friendly Website with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Discover is a mobile-only feed, it is pivotal to have a mobile-optimized website and accelerated mobile pages as well. AMP ensures a fast-loading and a robust framework for a user-first approach. It significantly impacts organic traffic and boosting search ranking. 

4. Promote on social media platforms

It is evident that Google Discover will showcase content that has high engagement i.e. with high clicks and shares, the content has higher chances to land on Discover feed and gain traffic. 

Thus, it is necessary to promote your content on social media platforms for which you need to create your content in local languages. Certainly, the buzz factor directly impacts the performance on Google Discover. 

5. Revisit and republish your content

Revisiting your content which didn’t work well in the first go can work wonders as well. If your page is not showing up on Discover currently doesn’t mean it never will. A bit of revisiting of evergreen articles/content can improve ranking and drive organic traffic once republished again. 

Final Thoughts 

Once you have implemented the above-mentioned steps, you can expect improved rankings and increased traffic. Combining proven SEO strategies on the website and optimized Google Discover, it’s like killing two birds with a single stone. You can always analyze the impact of individual/combined steps from Google Analytics under the Behavior parameter. 

Ultimately, in today’s content multiversity, Google Discover is another revolutionary step in search engine results for users. It leads to better SEO, content distribution, and engagement. 

So, which step you are looking forward to implementing to drive organic traffic and improve your rankings?

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