How to use Social Media to grow your business and Social Media Optimization Tips to enhance your growth – Part 2


In the previous blog we spoke about how social media can help you grow your brand and the effects on it can have on business and brand awareness. In this second part of the blog, we will speak about the strategies that will enhance your brands growth.

Here are some of the Social Media Strategies that enhance the growth of a brand:

  • Set Effective goals

A concrete plan while creating a social media marketing strategy is of paramount importance. In the plan, setting an achievable yet challenging goal should be of utmost priority. Brands should set their social media marketing goals based on the business goals at large. Creation of a marketing strategy becomes easier if the organisational goals are aligned with it.

  • Define your target audience

Targeting and segmentation encompases social media into almost every aspect of customer service and marketing. Some audiences prefer specific social media platforms to be a part of and interact with, depending on the demographic factors, locational factors, etc. For example it is noticeable that Instagram users age is lesser than that of Facebook which means that if the brands potential audience is young then they can use Instagram to target them. Also more professionals are present on Linkedin so brands that cater to professionals can target their audiences using Linkedin, so if the brand gets the targeting right then social media marketing with content marketing becomes more effective.

  • Build brand awareness

Most of the brands nowadays prefer creating brand awareness by continuously communicating the companies vision to their target audience and also creating reward programs to motivate their target audience to engage in their marketing campaigns.

  • Create quality content

Social media content marketing is an important area of social media marketing. It is said that a brand’s social media is only as good as the content posted on it. When audiences feel connected and interact with the content, they tend to buy the products and services offered and in the process of doing so, end up spreading positive word of mouth too. The content posted has to be interesting, in line with ongoing trends and also engage customers and entice the audiences to interact with it.

  • Measure the results and learn from it

Brands are required to make sure that they review the results, measure the data and also earn from it. When brands analyse and measure their results, they can determine what content is exactly working for them, what’s not working for them and what changes could be made.

To get a better understanding follow the link:

Tips to create engaging content

There are certain guidelines and tips that have to be followed. The ones listed below are the best tricks that brands can follow in order to carry out smooth operations:

  • Create entertaining and relevant content

The social media of a brand is whatever their content is, this means that in order to succeed and have a good social media presence they need to make sure that they do social media content marketing with good content that is interesting, engaging and would not throw off the viewer. Brands need to make use of special days in the year and create content accordingly in order to keep their followers engrossed as this makes the followers feel connected to the brand. This also creates brand loyalty.

  • Use appropriate hashtags

Users can rank in the hashtags of their respective area of content so it’s required that the user uses the right hashtags. At times users might be drawn toward a certain hashtag for example if a user likes pets then they might search for #petstagram or if they like living in nostalgia then they might search for #nostalgia. Users also need to check the volumes of the hashtags before using them.

  • Provide original and distinctive content

It’s important that brands put in the effort and make the content as original as possible as plagiarised content is seen as a bad sign and it shows that the brand isn’t taking any initiative in providing original data.

  • Post useful infographics

Infographics are in simple words the amalgamation of statistics, facts, and information with images with the main objective of making them easily understandable by the audience.

  • Pay attention to feedback

The feedback of customers can always be used to make the brand services better. Since the customers are the final users of the products or services their feedback should be treated as constructive criticism.

  • Thank the brands followers

Brands should take moments regularly to thank their stakeholders as they in turn would feel valued and would give repeated business to the brand.the word of mouth generated by a valued repeat customer also is priceless.

To know more about creating engaging content, read our blog:

Tips to increase website traffic from Social Media

  1. Start with the basics and create content that will Increase your reach and engagement
  2. Focus on the social media platforms that drive the most web traffic
  3. Include referral links on the brands social media profiles
  4. Add links to your posts make sure that the links are genuine
  5. Review your post frequency strategy to maximise traffic
  6. Share links in social media groups this ensures wider reach
  7. Use content techniques that encourage click-throughs
  8. Increase traffic through social media shares

For more tips check out: 

Social media could be referred to as the foundation stone of the digital presence of any company. Almost everything in the digital space starts with social media. Brands need to pay extra attention to their social media handles as it would give them a plethora of benefits. Special care needs to be given to optimisation of these platforms in order for them to be widely beneficial to the brand and in turn it assists the brand in ranking higher among competition and also getting a higher reach.

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