How to use Pinterest marketing to grow your Business


Pinterest is creative and fun to look at, but this social media platform is meant for much more!

Did you know that Pinterest has over 300 million Global Monthly Active Users? This makes it one of the most versatile and impactful social media marketing platform, that attracts visitors with highest purchase intent.

Pinterest Marketing can help your business grow and generate leads. Wondering how to do this? We will help you.

Here are top 6 ways you can strategically market for your brand on Pinterest:

#. Optimizing your Pinterest profile:

Setting up a profile in Pinterest is an easy task but it is also important to optimize it. Let your customers get to know brand clearly. Your brand must be able to give a clear idea as to what it is and what it does for your customers.

Here are few ways you can do this:

#. A distinct logo that represents your brand

#. An attractive cover photo that resonates with the brand-style

#. A description that aptly describes about brand to the customers     

#. Include your URL

Also, have few posts highlighted on your ‘featured board’ that gives a gist of your brand visually.

Looking at your profile, your customers should get an idea as to what to expect from you. This helps boost brand awareness

#. Have clear goals:

Before starting to get on with marketing your brand on Pinterest, begin with identifying your goals. What do you expect out of this? Understanding and designing clear goals whether it be brand awareness, visibility or to generate leads, can help you design an appropriate strategy.

Just like any other social media platform like Instagram or Facebook, it is crucial to plan out the budget, time consumed and the target goals.

#. Create pins that stand out

85% of Pinners search for and prefer visual content. This makes Pinterest a visual platform where users can also click on live links. Make it a point to include visually-appealing imagery in your strategy as users tend to click on pins that pop and catch their attention. Have an attractive theme for your profile and create content that is both informative and attractive. Here are some tips to do this:

#. Maintain a 2:3 ratio

#. Include your brand logo

#. Adding a concise and clear copy to tell better stories to targeted audience.

#. Choose images that show context of your product/service and its benefits.

#. A powerful Content Marketing Strategy

Just like Instagram or Facebook, you need to have a strong content marketing strategy even for your Pinterest profile. It is important to understand what your customers want, be it in form of content and images. Understanding this, will help you develop a content strategy to suit your audience.

These tips may help:

#. Attractive imagery- Pinterest is a visual platform. A visitor will be attracted through images that pop and get their attention

#. Instructive Pins- 84% of Pinners say that Pinterest helps them learn new things. Simple DIYs and recipes to help audience learn something new, can add value to your brand and your profile.

#. Inspirational Content- Let your users feel inspired through your pins. Create pins that is inspiring and relevant to your industry and get them attracted to your brand.

#. Informational Content- Create content that informs through the use of infographics, so your audience can learn something new when they visit your pins.

#. Add save buttons to your site

While using Pinterest for business, irrespective of what your goal is, you need to get the visitor to save your pins as this encourages them to learn about your brand. It also helps the visitor to come back to the pins when in need and make a purchase.

Adding save buttons to your pins makes it easier for visitors to pin your content by just a click.  Another similar tip would be to add shop the look pins, which would help generate sales for the products in your pins.

#. Post at the right time for maximum engagement

Just like any other social media platform, in Pinterest too, the optimum engagement is obtained by posting at the right times. Apart from this, the shelf life of your posts is much longer in Pinterest than in Instagram or Facebook.

In Pinterest, we observe seasonal and occasional content more popular. According to Pinterest’s own seasonal research, Pinners start engaging with occasions, months in advance – such as summer-themed Pins gaining traction in early spring, and winter holiday Pinning starting in June.

This makes it important to post at the right time to get in front of audience and engage better. Also, analyse your post’s insights to see which content is performing better and what audience likes.

In Conclusion:

Pinterest Marketing or using Pinterest for business purposes can be beneficial for your brand. It helps boost visibility, increase brand awareness and helps generate sales. Use the mentioned practices to help grow your brand and get most out of your pins.

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