How to use blogs to improve your ranking on search engines?


For many online users across the globe, Google is the first stop when they trying to look for anything they want. No matter what type of website you are having you need to rank in search engines to get noticed from users and that is the hardest thing to achieve these days. Lots of SEO pundits are employing different strategies to get better rankings for their website and blogging is one of the options to get better rankings in search engines.

You may wonder whether blogging helps SEO? Yes but blogging alone is not the reason for your SEO factor. Blogging will help your SEO because it helps in numerous ways to improve your search engine rankings. If you have a blog and that is updated with high-quality and relevant contents it will make a huge difference in your website performance in search engines. Apart from these, there is a list of a few ways that your blog will help to improve your website’s ranking.

Blogging keeps your website fresh and current:

If a user happens to see a website that hasn’t been updated over the years then he/she might probably lose trust in the information that he/she is seeing. The user may think the company that the website represents has gone out of the business completely. Google too doesn’t want to deliver out of date information to its users. Practically you don’t have any necessity to update your home page regularly but the blog is the tool to add fresh and relevant content to your website regularly. 

The blog will help you to keep the user to stay at your website longer:

Google’s main aim is to provide the relevant information to its users that they are looking for. If a user searches for particular topic and immediately return to homepage then google will assume that the user finding it irrelevant information for this particular topic but on another hand, if the user clicks the particular website and stayed there for a particular period then Google will assume that the website is providing relevant information for the user and will provide better indexing. 

If someone visits your website and found the quality and relevant content on your blog site then he/she will spend some time reading those blogs and will tend to come again and again. Hence it will increase the dwell time which helps you to get even better rankings for your website. Recent researches also point out that long blog posts tend to perform better than short-term posts that are 2000 words long.

Blogs will allow you to target long-tail keywords:

Businesses mainly doing SEO to rank their website for relevant keywords which helps their leads and potential customers to understand their business in a better manner. In this competitive market, most brands will look for longer and specific keywords that are relevant to their business. These types of keywords are called long-tail keywords. Blogs seem to be the perfect way to target those keywords.

Blogging provides an opportunity for interlinking:

Links and interlinks are very much important for your SEO and it is very easy to create those since you are doing it on your own. You can probably get internal link possibilities for your website once you start publishing blogs. This will help you to use your keyword to tell google which page you are linking. Not adding internal links to websites is the common problem done by many experts and if you can avoid those means you will get better rankings for your website in search engines. 

A blog will help you to connect with your audience:

A blog is not only meant for internal linking purpose but quality, relevant and informative contents in your blog will be loved by your audience and they will share in their social media which will bring more traffic to your website. It will prompt your audience to visit your site again and again which will automatically increase the dwell time. When you get traffic from repeated visitors’ google will increase your authority level in their algorithms.

The success of your website depends on the repeated visitors visiting your website and get connected with it. A good blog will help you to make those connections and help you to build a continued relationship with your target audience. 

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