Google Ads quality score: How to raise it and lower your cost


Google ads quality score is the measure of quality and performance of the ads in your marketing campaigns. As a marketer, your goal should be to reach the target audience with relevant and high-quality ads. If you get a good quality score for your ads it will affect the position of your ads on Google as well as your cost per action.

Improving your ad score will give you a better Return on Investment i.e. you get the most value out of your ad spend. There are several ways in which you can improve your Google Ads quality score. Read our article below to get deep insights on how to increase your ad score and lower your cost –

#1. Focus on Keywords

A good quality score begins with keywords. They are the foundation of all your pay per click activities. Your advertisement should be relevant to the people who are searching for your keywords. You can use single keyword ad groups in order to create relevant ads that match the searches.

This will also help you to reduce ad spend and at the same time ensure that all your pay per clicks is coming from people who are interested in your products. If your ads match the search intent of the audience and they land on the correct page, it is likely that the chances of conversion become high.

#2. Write High-Quality Google Ads

Google ads quality score depends on several factors such as –

#.The relevance of your ads to the keywords selected

#.How relevant your ads are to your landing page

#.Past performance of your account

#.What is the click-through rate of your ads?

These factors test the relevance and effectiveness of your google ads. So if you want to improve your ad score, it is important to create high-quality ads by including high-quality and relevant landing pages.

#3. Use A/B Testing Technique

You can use A/B Testing to check your ad relevance and click through rates. This will help you to understand what resonates best with your audience. In this, you can try various calls to action to get insights on what attracts your audience.

You can run your ads on Google Display Networks. Once you do this, your ads will be visible to various customers on various websites. You can try out various formats, images, and colors to check what kind of ad is attracting maximum customers.

The more tests you carry out, the better you can understand the ads that give you maximum clicks and conversion.

#4. Make Your Landing Page Relevant

Using the right keywords will make your ad appear in the search result, but it is ultimately your landing page experience that counts. A good landing page will increase your google ads score. You can easily optimize your landing page by using target keywords. You can also check the speed, reliability, and other elements of your landing page.

A good landing page has the following qualities –


The landing page should be clearly related to the keywords and the ads they correspond with. For example, if your ad was for purses then the landing page should be featuring a bag section rather than the general brand page of your website.

#.Loading Speed

The page loading speed can make a huge difference between conversion and bounce. The page should ideally load within three seconds or it will affect your SEO score and ultimately your Google ad score.

#.Easy Navigation

The page should be user friendly and easy to navigate so that the users can find the correct information and get in touch with you.

#5 Try Using Negative Keywords

Negative keywords can be beneficial for your marketing campaigns in some way. You can use negative keywords to make sure that people who are not in your target audience will not find your ads.

If your ads are visible to your targeted group only, your click-through rate will increase. You will get an audience who is truly interested in your products and this will increase your conversion rates. So, by using negative keywords you can actually improve your google ads quality score.

#6. Expand Text Ads

Expanded text ads have their own advantage. This feature will allow you to run an ad with longer copy or words. If you use 50% more characters in your ads, it will be beneficial to increase the ad score. You can also use long-tail keywords with this feature. So you get more space to add keywords. This makes it easier for people to find you.

Final Word

Now you can use Google Ads with full efficiency and knowledge of how to increase your ad score and what are the factors that have an impact on quality scores. A good ad score will help your business to grow and attract more customers.

Read our article to know about the strategies that can be employed to increase google ads quality score. Also, let us know your views in the comments section below.

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