How To Use LinkedIn Stories to Grow Your Business


LinkedIn stories allow users and brand pages to share their short videos and images related to any professional event. These stories operate similarly to Instagram and Facebook stories. You can create a short video of up to 20 seconds. Once you upload it the video is available to fellow users for 24 hours.

There are more than 760 million LinkedIn users across 200 countries and worldwide. These numbers clearly suggest that you can use this platform, especially LinkedIn stories to grow your business manifold. In this “Age of Sharing”, the more you share the bigger your brand becomes. LinkedIn stories are perfect to share those imperfect moments in your professional life.

So with this in mind here are 5 ways you can use LinkedIn stories to grow your business-

#1. Encourage People to Give their Suggestions or Tips

LinkedIn is a huge platform for professional thoughts and leadership. You can host a session where you ask for professional tips and suggestions. This is a new way to showcase your in-house knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

You can ask for resume advice from your HR team, quick designing tips, or an industry recap. Sharing these tips and asking for suggestions is a great way to capture the audience’s attention. Also when you ask for suggestions, your followers feel important. This is a great way to build brand engagement.

#2. Share Real-Time Event Updates

LinkedIn stories have a short life span so it is perfect to share less-polished content straight from the event. From the big announcement to the award ceremony of the company, you can share clips from the live events on stories. It is a great way to showcase what’s going on in your company.

You can also create LinkedIn stories to generate extra hype around an event. If you are organizing any corporate event, consider asking the speakers or event coordinators some quick sound bites regarding the event, or share a “sneak peak” of the event before it goes live.

#3. Host an AMA or Corporate Q&A

Just like Instagram stories you can host an Ask Me Anything or Q&A session for your audience. This is a great way to show a more human and authentic side to your brand on LinkedIn. Hosting live Q&A is a great way to showcase the people behind your brand and share your success stories. This helps to build brand image and affinity.

AMA was originally popularized via Reddit and it was a big hit. On LinkedIn with the professional network growing, AMA will benefit your personal brand by showing intimacy. This helps in the growth of your professional network.

#4. Share Big Announcements and News Related to Your Brand

If you are one of the brands using LinkedIn stories, chances are that you will be gaming a huge amount of engagement with your audience on this platform. LinkedIn marketing can make your product launch a big hit. With this in mind, you can generate LinkedIn stories to share all your brand updates and latest announcements related to your product.

Whether you are sharing an upcoming opening or a new launch of a product or service, using this platform to reach a maximum audience is definitely a good move.

#5. Give Followers a Sneak Peak into Company Culture

Highlighting team members in LinkedIn stories will give a face to your brand. People love to know who is on the other side of the brand.use stories to show how people work in your organization, how they engage with each other, how does management contribute to their development and success.

This will enhance your brand image and contribute to brand building as the users know about the quality of corporate culture followed in your organization.

#6. Use Stories to Learn About Your Followers

You can use LinkedIn stories to gather the opinion of your followers. You can also create a poll to know their suggestions. This will help you to gain a deeper insight into your audience, especially your loyal followers.

This is also a social media marketing strategy that helps you to deliver content as per the interest of your followers. Also, this will help you to increase your brand awareness and engagement.

#7. Share Your Mistakes

Gone are the times where we wanted to showcase everything perfect. We did everything to make sure that nobody watched our mistakes. We are living in a world of constant connections. So don’t be afraid to show your followers that you are a real person with faults. If something went wrong, make a story to show your followers what went wrong and what they can do to avoid such things.

Doing this will show the authenticity of your brand. But make sure to share your success stories as well.

#8. Showcase Your Loyal Customers or Followers

LinkedIn stories are an excellent way to package down case studies into small snippets and videos. Ake little videos of customers using your products. This will create a positive brand image in the minds of consumers. Use this as your marketing strategy to attract new customers. This helps in increasing your followers and engagement.

Final Word

In this age of sharing, LinkedIn stories are a great way to grow your networking platform. If you share the right kind of content, you can see noticeable growth in your business. It is important to be an early adopter. LinkedIn stories are not yet being adapted completely by organizations. So why don’t you jump ahead of the competition and get your content ahead?

So what are you waiting for? Read our blog today to get some useful insights on how to use LinkedIn stories to grow your business. Create your LinkedIn stories today and see a noticeable change in your business.

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