10 Ways To Boost Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn


With more than 260 million active users, LinkedIn has some amazing features that will help you to boost your personal profile. You spend so much time strengthening the business image that you almost forget to focus on your personal brand image.

But let’s not forget, you are the person who is ultimately representing the business and therefore your personal brand is of equal importance on LinkedIn.

Below are 10 exciting ways to boost your personal brand on LinkedIn:

#1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is also a powerful search engine and thus you need to optimize your profile carefully to get more visibility.

Thus, you must ensure that your LinkedIn profile is updated and you are using keywords related to your work. Following this practice will help potential employers and HR heads to locate and differentiate your profile easily.

Start with finding some relevant keywords and use them in your job title, summary, description. Also, check what other users have mentioned on their profile and incorporate good things.

#2. Update a Profile Picture

Just by adding a profile photo, your profile is seven times more likely to be found on LinkedIn. Adding a professional picture on LinkedIn is like a virtual handshake, which can make your profile strong and visible.

Follow some useful tips on selecting LinkedIn profile photo –

1) Use a square profile picture of dimensions 400×400 pixels

2) Photos should include your face and shoulders

3) Avoid using a selfie

4) Use a solo picture

5) Dress professionally

You can also use a cover photo on LinkedIn. Choose a photo that goes with your business or profession. This will add an extra element to your profile.

#3. Meaningful Headline

In LinkedIn, your headline is by default your current job position. However, you can customize the headline to include any facts and figures that will demonstrate your expertise in the field.

You can use your brand tagline as your profile headline. This is the first thing that people will see, so you should make it count.

#4. Write Articles For LinkedIn

Publishing articles on LinkedIn is a great way to reach out to your audience, even if you may or may not have your own website. The advantage of writing articles on LinkedIn is that all your connections are notified as soon as you hit the publish button.

You can also publish an excerpt from your article on LinkedIn with a link to redirect the people to your website. Always focus on topics that are related, unique, and based on the latest trends.

#5. Calls to Actions on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn you can include CTA buttons in your profile to direct the visitors to visit your website, download your Ebook, read your latest blog, etc. there are certain CTA buttons on LinkedIn such as: Learn more, Register, Contact Us, Visit Website.

Choose your CTA buttons wisely that currently match your organizational goals.

#6. Choose Your Skills

LinkedIn allows you to choose up to 50 skills from generic such as writing, editing, public speaking to more specific ones such as corporate taxation, Secretarial Work, etc. that are more relevant to your industry.

Choose your skills strategically as people may contact you for job openings or positions by looking at these skills. Also, the relevancy of skills can optimize your personal profile on LinkedIn.

You can also add the certification courses which you have recently finished and share it with your connections. Certifications are proof of your skills and attract a lot of recruiters.

#7. Use Videos

LinkedIn allows you to make use of video features to leverage your profile. You can upload a video about yourself to give a better description of yourself, you can also include a short trailer of your Ebook. The video should be relevant to your profile and give your visitor a well-rounded impression of who you are.

You can also create and upload videos on complicated industry topics to help your audience understand these industry-related complications. This will also increase your connection on LinkedIn.

#8. Join Groups and Participate

LinkedIn groups are one of the most effective ways to interact with the people in your industry and keep up with all the trends. Join the group that shares the same industry interest as yours, comment on posts, answer questions in the group, and share content that you consider useful.

All of this will not only leverage your personal profile but also helps to create a special opportunity for your organization.

#9. Grow Connections

LinkedIn is a professional platform and there is no reason not to accept connection requests. Welcome any and all connection requests on LinkedIn and create a wide network.

When you accept a connection you become a part of their network and you will show up as second-degree connection which helps you to boost the connection further.

#10. Ask for Recommendations

LinkedIn has a unique feature where your connections can write a recommendation for you. All you need to do is just reach out to your connections and ask them to write a recommendation for you.

Getting positive recommendations will turn out to be a stepping stone for your personal brand, will help to elevate your reputation, and at the same time showcase your strengths on this platform.

Final Thoughts

Adapt the tips and best recommendations mentioned here and you will be on your way to connect and engage with professionals and best industry players.

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