Step by step Guide to Use LinkedIn Ads for your Business growth


LinkedIn is a prominent social media channel for B2B marketing campaigns because 645 million B2B professionals use LinkedIn for lead generation and create brand awareness. LinkedIn gains 55% of increment in conversion from connection via its advertising. According to research consumer purchase intention is increased by 33% after watching LinkedIn ads.

So, If you are also planning to launch a LinkedIn advertising campaign, then don’t hesitate! Here is the detailed guide for how to use LinkedIn ads to grow your business?

How to Use LinkedIn Ads?

A recent update in the LinkedIn advertising format states that now campaign managers can create objective-based advertising where they can run a campaign with distinctive goals like brand awareness, lead generation, or engagement. However, you can use LinkedIn ads in two ways:

1. Self-Service Ads

In self-service ads, you need to set up your campaign including ad budget, ad copywriting, etc.

2. Managed Ads

In managed ads, you need to partner with the LinkedIn team and get the fine-tune ad copy with their offers. LinkedIn teams help you to reach potential audiences in your niche.

Both ways allow a campaign manager to create, monitor, and control the ads they are running and also provide you an insight into clicks, impressions, and conversions, etc.

What are the different Formats of LinkedIn Ads?

To grow your business with LinkedIn ads, you must know about various self-served and managed ad formats drafted by LinkedIn.

Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads are the domestic ads that live within the LinkedIn feed. These ads are a kind of promoted posts that amplify the version of links, media, and messaging with normal share via the company’s page. It can be used to create brand awareness, generate leads, and uplifting of traffic.

Sponsored InMail

Use sponsored InMails to send personalized messages to your potential audiences because they would be delivered only to the active members of LinkedIn. You can include a striking CTA button to generate B2B leads and create valuable connections.

Text Ads

Text ads are the PPC campaign of LinkedIn where you have to pay for each click or impression. These text ads are displayed only to the most relevant audiences and you can drive more traffic to your landing page without wasting money.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads can target the most specific person with their profile photo and address or by their name. You can optimize this kind of ad as per your campaign strategy by constantly in touch with LinkedIn representatives.

How to Advertise on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn provides the most sustainable marketing solution that helps marketers to engage with the right audience and grow their business.

Here are 7 easy steps towards a successful LinkedIn advertising campaign:

Step-1 Pick Self-Service or Managed Campaign

You can use LinkedIn ads in two ways i.e. self-service ads and managed ads. Both campaigns have their benefits, choose one as per your requirements and advertising goals.

Step-2 Take a Quick Start with Campaign Manager

Sign in to the Campaign Manager and if you don’t have an account then create an account and don’t forget to include all requisite information needed by LinkedIn for example product name, campaign name, campaign type, geo, unique ID, etc.

Campaign Manager is the nerve-center of your advertising activities which includes all details and performance of your ads.

Step-3 Select Your Ad Format

Pick any ad format that suits your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Whether it may be sponsored content, sponsored InMail, or text ads. Keep your ad copy as compact as possible and compelling enough to get dynamic visuals of the best results.

Step- 4 Design Your Ads

When you pick sponsored content ads, then you must showcase a company’s page that will be promoted or you can create brand new sponsored content. Create multiple versions of your ads because variations always come with creativity and creativity brings optimized results.

When you pick text ads then, add a specific link or any CTA so that your ad will be opened in a new landing page. You can run 15 versions of ads in a single time.

Step-5 Choose Your Target Audiences

It is one of the best features of advertising on LinkedIn where you can choose the audiences to whom you want to target. Select your best audience from the Campaign Manager to generate the right amount of traffic and leads.

Step-6 Define Your Budget

LinkedIn suggests a bid range to showcase your ads. You must select a bid for CPC, CPM. Where CPC is related to the conversion and CPM is linked with the impressions. Bid for your campaign according to your budget.

Step-7 Take Review and Optimize

After running your Ad campaign, you must take a review of its success or shortcomings where you stop low-performing ads and nurture high-performing ads. You must keep your eye on new variations and optimize your further updates according to the initial results.

Points You Must Consider While Running LinkedIn Advertisement

  • You must keep your content short and impressive that grabs audience attention in a single take.
  • Keep your message straight, show all your information in an upfront manner before letting your audience distract from your ads.
  • Emplify bite-sized tidbits or statistics that will be easily digestible by the reader.
  • Don’t use complicated and muddled CTA, Create an optimist  CTA in an easy language that is compatible with your campaign goal.
  • Tailor your ads to establish a long-term relationship with your targeted audiences.
  • Provide audience-centric visuals that depict the motive of your ad campaign.

In Final Words

LinkedIn has a different audience base as compared to other social media marketing channels. Just be sure about your audience’s existence there, before starting investing in the LinkedIn advertisement.

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