How To Set Up Instagram Shopping To Sell More Products


With over 200 million users, Instagram is one of the best and most widely used photo-sharing platforms that will enable you to share photos as well as videos with your followers.

This rise of visual content on the internet is most apparent on Instagram, as a result of which most of the brands are scrambling to understand the best use of this platform. Brands are racing to capitalize on the growth of this platform and successfully learning how to make money on Instagram.

One such way to make the most of this platform is Instagram Shopping which lets you create a product catalog on your profile. You can use this feature in your posts and stories, so when users tap a photo they can view the price of the product and its details.

In this article, we will tell you how you can set up Instagram shopping to sell more products.

#1. Check That You Meet the Eligibility Requirements

To start Instagram shopping you need to make sure that you meet all the eligibility requirements. There are three requirements –

# Only eligible physical goods that comply with Instagram’s commerce policies can be sold

 # Your business should be based in the country where this feature is available. To know more about eligible countries visit Instagram Shop page

# Your Instagram profile is connected to your Facebook business page

You have the latest version of the Instagram app

#2. Add Your Products Catalog to Facebook Business Page

Instagram shopping feature pulls out the product from your Facebook catalog. So once you link your Instagram profile to the Facebook business page, sync your product catalog to it.

After adding the products to the catalog and synchronizing it with Instagram, you will be able to tag them in your Instagram post and stories.

#3. Get Your Instagram Account Approved

Okay so once you have converted your Instagram to a business profile, Linked Instagram to your Facebook business page, created a Facebook shop, and synchronized your products to it, you need to get your Instagram page approved for shopping.

Open your Instagram account, go to Settings, tap “Business”, and then Sign up for Instagram Shopping. Follow these steps to get your account approved.

The review process can take a few days. Once it is done you will get a notification for the same.

#4. Select Facebook Shop That Your Want to Add To Your Instagram

Once your account is approved, then all you need to do is select which Facebook shop you are willing to connect to your Instagram Profile.

To do this go to Instagram business settings and tap “Shopping”. After this simply select the Facebook shop that you want to link to your profile.

Once you do this all your products will be synced across Facebook and Instagram.

#5. Set Up Your First Instagram Shoppable Post

Now that you are all set for Instagram Shopping, start tagging your post and stories and be ready to get some good conversions.

Follow these easy steps –

# Upload a photo just like your regular post

# Hit “Tag option”

# Start typing the name of the products that you want to tag. These names must correspond to the names in the product catalog.

# Select the products as they appear in your search box (you can add up to  five products in single image or twenty products in the multi-image post)

# Post the picture!!

#6. Post Your Instagram Shopping Stories

Do you know that more than 500 million people watch Instagram Stories every day? And the good news is you can also tag your products to Instagram stories so that customers can directly shop.

To tag products in Instagram stories, upload a story, and simply hit the “Product” sticker on the top-right corner and select the goods from your catalog. You can even edit the color and text of these stickers.

Tips to Increase Conversions With Instagram Shopping

# Use high-quality images and videos. Use bright colors that suit your business profile.

# Use relevant hashtags. This will increase the visibility of your posts and increase engagement.

# Run a good promotional campaign. You can entice customers by giving them a coupon code or free shipping or even a free product on certain purchases.

# Be authentic and engage with your audience. This will develop trust and they will stick to your brand for any future purchases

# Share User-Generated Content. Feature the post and stories of your customers featuring your products (Take their approval first). This will boost your credibility and authenticity.

Final Word

Instagram shopping is one of the most amazing features that is constantly gaining popularity. Use this feature for your posts and stories and just see the wonders that it can do for your business. We hope that the above-mentioned steps help you to successfully set up the Instagram Shopping profile and sell more products.

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