How to improve your social media with Pinterest, Quora & Reddit


Many small businesses around the world have not understood the importance of their social media presence. It is very important to take a little effort to grow proper responses through the right networks in social media. It can give a lot of benefits in the long term. The advantages of social media are worthy to build up the business. You can provide and improve customer service to your business. Through this, you can communicate with the customers and retain them. A brilliant social media strategy can drive business growth to a great extent. In this article let us see how to improve your social media with Pinterest, Quora, and Reddit.


When approaching social media platforms to increase your visibility, you have to understand its users. When we talk about social media platforms, it will seem like every other social media platform is the same. But in reality, each social media platform is different. The major differentiating factor is the audience of each social platform. For instance, Pinterest has a hundred million active users over 500 billion Pinterest pins. Another amazing fact is that 80% of Pinterest users are women. Most of the pins are created and shared by women. 

About 60% of Pinterest users are under the age of 40 and also 60% of Pinterest users belong to the United States of America. Reading the demographics of Pinterest, you would have convinced the fact that every social media platforms are different. You can know the demographics of any social media platform if you have a business account. You can connect information on the unique audience with the help of Analytics. You can get much relevant information and knowledge about the people, the gender and the language they speak. Create content for the respective users in an appealing manner and search-friendly descriptions and know the plugins on the website. 

So, to improve the social media in Pinterest are as follows

1. Know well about the visibility of the Pinterest

2. Create the content for the users 

3. Install the plugins of the website.

4. As it is used as the search engine, friendly descriptions are necessary.


The ultimate mission of Quora is to share and grow knowledge. It connects people who know a particular subject and the other persons who are seeking knowledge. It gets the right question, the right answer to the right person at the right time. These answers are the outcome of the experiment, subjective and opinions. Quora uses AI to do all these. You can freely ask your question to the intended person. As days go, Quora learns with experience and expertise to direct the questions to the right person.

So to improve the social media in Quora are as follows

  • You can improve leadership thought in Quora
  • Develop content marketing
  • Reach and influence with Quora ads
  • Know the demographics
  • Increase your subject expertise
  • Fine-tune your language skills


You will know credit as a content-sharing site. Social media platforms will share relevant articles and pictures. Questions are also asked and answered. Other leaders on the social media platform can promote or demote it. It has worked doubt on an egalitarian system in which the popular content will get more votes and appear on the homepage. The poor quality and spammy content will get negative waves and become less visible.

All the online platforms, credit is very easy to join for anyone. There is no compulsion that you have to link it to the email address. But anyone who seriously wants to use it will have a validated email. This will make them eligible to start gaining Credit Karma. If you get a good Karma score it will make you a legitimate Redditor. The main work in this media platform is to use it effectively. It is broken into many subreddits. According to the user’s interest, they will subscribe to it. There are over 2 million subscribers who are actively using it.

To improve social media in credit are as follows

The relevance of the countries is more important than the volume

Make the content popular

Improve language skills

Increase the Karma score

Use backlinks using credit

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