How to design Outstanding Instagram Grid Layout


Instagram is all about increasing your followers day by day. A massive number of followers imply a good insta feed. A shabby and inconsistent feed will not lead to more followers. Thus to increase the number of followers, one good practice is to adopt the Instagram grid layout. This will surely give a structure to your feed and will reflect your personality through your feeds.

Instagram grid layout will help you beautify each square of the grid by adding few details and bringing consistency. Below are the few structured ways to amplify your game and provide you with an exciting, organized, and attractive layout.

  • Square layout

The square layout is the easiest among all. In this layout, just try to post a picture in square and choose the same color combinations every time.

  • Checkerboard Grid

The checkerboard layout is also known as tiles layout. The most popular way to use this layout is by sharing a photo then a quote, then a picture, then a quote.

This will make your followers know what you are going to post.

  • Row by Row layout

Row layout is also known as storyteller layout. Here each row depicts a story. This is the most creative and attractive way to design your feed.

  • Diagonal Grid

Many Instagrammers use the diagonal grid, and this grid makes your insta feed look instantly consistent. Just drag and drop a picture and pick a color of your choice.

  • Rainbow Feed

The rainbow layout makes your feed look like a rainbow. It requires more planning and effort than other layouts, so it is advised to use different colors in your photos after every 3 or 6 or 9 pictures. This will make your grid stand-out among all.

  • Puzzle Layout

The puzzle layout is a high-level grid. The picture is split into pieces. The challenging part is of maintaining the quality of each split work. It is vital to ensure that each piece is complete in itself, then only people will click.

  • Mixed feed

Mixed feed, as the name suggests, is about mixing various types of layouts. The crossfeed takes your insta account to a whole new level and makes your store look more appealing.

Tips And Tricks

  • Pick a Border

Applying borders to your photos will not only make them different from others but will create consistency in your Instagram feeds. A white border is adequate when your images are colorful. Black frames will make your photos look more appealing and stand them out.

  • Rectangular photos

Not all Instagrammers post pictures rectangular; thus, there are chances to make your feed unique by posting rectangular pictures. These pictures are eye-soothing because of large white spaces. It helps to draw the attention of viewers to the color and detailing of photos.

  • Picture Editing

You are bound to edit your pictures. Choose a proper frame. Use a filter and try to make your core colors apparent. Add stickers, crop the image if needed. Editing can be difficult if you are not aware of it.

  • Consistency

Whatever layout you are choosing, be consistent with it. Maintaining consistency in borders as well plays a crucial role. Consistency not only makes your feed look good but will attract viewers too.

  • Be you

Your feed should reflect your personality, and this will help to connect you with your audience in an effective way. Being you is important.

  • Creative

Innovative ideas will give you a million followers. Showcase these ideas with creativity and make your ground more strong. Try something new always and awaken your minds with creativity.

  • Be Responsive

One must be responsive towards their audience. It is always good to hear from your audience. Positive opinions will boost you while negative ones will make you better.

Think to make your feed look out of the box

The concept of Instagram is all about creating something new and innovative always. The one who is innovative is the one who leads! Try to use various filters to give a wholly unique effect to your photos. Make your editing portion strong to provide a gorgeous impact on your photos. Use different layout options and be loyal to them. Post frequently to get your audience to know more about you. Be yourself while branding and also while designing your feeds. This will appeal to a larger audience.

Advantages of Following A Particular Layout

  • It makes a great first impression and will direct people to you.
  • Allows you to create bulk content.
  • Helps in preparing in advance.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing.
  • It helps you to stand out.
  • Assist in developing a particular image.

Steps To Keep Your Instagram Grid In Order

  1. Decide a personality trait for yourself/ brand.
  2. Select a Grid layout.
  3. Choose your colors.
  4. Decide on a filter.
  5. Post in order.

Choose your Instagram grid wisely. HAPPY INSTAGRAMMING!

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