How to design content remarketing campaigns that actually work?


According to a recent study, nearly 70% of the businesses are now using content marketing for their businesses. When you invest in content marketing strategy, it helps you to improve audience engagement, convert more leads, boost brand awareness, and get more connected with the audience.

It is important to design a good strategy otherwise all of your efforts are in vain. We have compiled 10 steps that will help you to design content marketing campaigns that will actually work for your business. Let’s get started –

#1. Set Your Goals

The first step to kickstart a content marketing plan is to set appropriate goals. This will help you to focus on what is important. Your goal should clearly indicate –

1.Target audience

2.Type of content that you will design

3.The benefit that your audience will derive through your content

#2. Define your Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

The goals that you set shall be specific and measurable and your KPI will help to measure your progress. They will help you to know what milestone you have achieved yet.

Typically, KPI has specific numbers attached to them. You can have any or all of the following KPI –

1.Reach a certain revenue target within a specified period of time

2.Achieve more number of followers

3. Get more Email subscribers

4.Get more traffic to your website with your content

5.Improve your search ranking

6.Get a good number of mentions and tags

#3. Know Your Audience

To create a successful advertising campaign you need to clearly know your target audience. This will help you to create the right content and reach out to them. You should do the following things to target your audience – Collect demographic information about your website visitors, email subscribers, and social media followers.

#Collect feedback from your audience to know about their taste and preferences.

# You will also get an idea of their needs. This will help you to understand their buying behavior and priorities.

#4. Know Your Current Position

Once you know the taste and preferences of your target audience, it is important to figure out if your content is meeting your expectations. You can compare your content with your core competitors to know what works for them and how you can create remarketing campaigns.

You can use a content audit tool to get deep insights into your marketing campaigns. Such tools will help you to analyze –

1.Content title and description

2.Content length


4.Social media shares for your content

This will help you to understand where there are gaps. You can work on these gaps and target the right audience and get more followers.

#5. What are the Best Content Channels?

As you go through this process and get details about your target audience, you will get a sense of where your target audience likes to spend time. This is the place where you can have a successful online presence. It is always advisable to target the right social media channel and expand there rather than doing everything at once.

#6. Decide the Type of Your Content

Next is to think about the type of content that you will create to target your audience better. A successful content marketing campaign includes creating core content for your own website and later remarketing that content on other sites by reposts.

You can use video marketing for your content as visual content improves audience engagement and keeps visitors on your site for a longer duration.

#7. Create a Content Calendar

Apart from posting good quality content, you also need to know exactly when you want to publish your content on various platforms. Typically it is the time when most of your audience is active on that particular platform. This helps to create better audience engagement.

You can create a content calendar to create a schedule of posting your content.

#8. Create Best Content

Finally, start writing content that reflects your brand personality and message. The content that you publish should be very professional or casual depending on the target audience. Include the right keywords in the content for better marketing and search results.

#9. Market Your Content

The next and final step is the correct distribution of your content. This is because your content will not show results unless it is handled correctly. You can use the following tips in order to market your content –

1.Set a time to upload your content on social media

2. Make use of email marketing to give your users alerts about the new content to subscribers

3.If you mention any other brand or influencers in your content, notify them so that you can spread your content even wider.

#10. Measure Results

Now it is time to measure results. You can look at the KPIs and see what has changed and the type of content is performing better. There are various tools like Google Analytics that will help you in this process. By monitoring the results you can tweak your content strategy at regular intervals so as to remain up-to-date.

Final Word

It takes time, effort, and a clear plan to develop successful content marketing and advertising strategies. from building the foundation of your content marketing to adding more tools to make your strategy better, you need to do everything to reach your target audience.

Readout our blog post above to get complete steps to design a good content strategy.

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