Do Instagram Influencers have an Influence?


If you think, the Influencer Marketing fad just began in this past decade, guess again? From early on, marketers understood how the involvement of an influential face or a famous voice in an advertisement, garnered more attention and intrigue to it. 

People were, and even today; are more likely to follow an opinion leader verifying the brand; than the actual brand itself. 

Influencer Marketing is a data-driven industry. They deliver highly engaging and interactive content. Many influencers talk on a particular topic, but besides their niche, influencers can be further divided into three key groups, based on their reach:

Micro-influencers: They have lesser than 10,000 followers, and are considered to be having a dedicated audience. The target audience following them is found to be more loyal in comparison to the other three classifications. 

Power middle influencers: They are somewhere between 10,000 to 250,000 followers. While they may not have the influence of mega-celebrities, they do share a close and engaged audience who will likely trust their recommendations. These influencers also have some experience partnering with brands.

Why micro influencers are becoming increasingly crucial amongst brands

Macro influencers: Have more than 250,000 followers. These are Instagram and YouTube celebrities.


Macro influencers do possess the highest reach but may not always be equal in authenticity and credibility in comparison to power middle influencers, so cross-check and research before signing any endorsement deals or collaborations or advertisements.

You must have noticed the approach to trying a product or service launch is different now. Before you would go around asking a friend or family member for their opinions but the launch of social media has changed the game. Presently you would go online, and check reviews, testimonials, and collaborations on YouTube, Instagram, etc., that are constantly being uploaded; viewers get to witness firsthand, the benefits and the allure of the respective.

In influencer marketing, you have an individual or a group of people who have built a reputable impression, that has attracted wider reach and a loyal audience over the course of time; through highly engaging content and, a personalized style of interactivity with their viewers. That is why an influencer is more familiar in comparison to celebrities, and why people relate more and build more of an interest in whatever the influencer is selling as compared to a celebrity. 

Influencer Marketing focused platforms in 2021, raised more than $800M in funding, and this significant growth continues in this industry. Influencer Marketing Industry is set to grow to approximately $16.4 Billion in 2022


All in all, Influencer Marketing whether a fake or a smart investment; is definitely a thriving market. Whether or not you use it to scale up too, is up to you. While a little research is required, advertisements done by influencers can help your business online grow. 

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