5 Powerful Google Display Ads Techniques To Expand Your Business


Google Display Ads network is a well-built system bifurcated between two networks – Search Network and the Google Display Network. Google advertising helps digital marketing experts to target 90% of the internet users. And technically, one can target various sets of audiences across the globe via Google Display ads.

It is basically a way of reaching your intended customers when they are online – be it watching a video, playing a game, listening to a song or booking tickets, etc.

As many brands have the objective to reach their desired customers as early as possible, one thing that can help is Google Display ads. 

What are Google Display ads?

These are the visual-based ads that the audience sees while browsing, watching a video, or while using an app. The tool allows marketers to reach maximum audiences and can introduce their brand to tons of relevant customers.

Mastering The Art Of Google Display Ads

It is of utmost importance that you choose the right type of advertisement. There are basically two types of methods for online ad marketing.

  1. PPC Advertising
  2. Social media Advertising

PPC  (Pay Per Click ) is one of the most effective ways to reach your desired customers. It allows you to get your audience when they are already looking for it, which helps gain a plus one. It is a paid form of Google banner ads that appears first when users search results.

While Social media Advertising is one such online marketing tool where ads appear on social platform feeds. These ads effectively blend with the user’s timeline. Thus there are more chances of users clicking your ads and engaging with them.

There are various steps by which one can master over google display ads-

1. Know your target audience 

Targeting is the essential part of marketing your brand to your audience. It means you need to look for people who are going to be your actual customers. To know precisely your customer base, you need to look for their-

  • Demographics
  • Buying habits
  • Social-economic status
  • Hobbies

This information gives an idea about what your audience is going to prefer.

2. Set A Budget

Budgeting is an integral part of paid advertising. It helps in the continuous running of ads. Platforms like Google help in making effective use of your budget to build a good advertisement with a given amount of money.

Defining a budget helps in driving more success in your marketing ad campaign. Thus, it’s time to set budgets. 

3. Invest in Retargeting ads

Retargeting is a method of targeting people who didn’t convert earlier. We can say that it is a continuous process of reminding a person who was not more before influenced by the ad. It is an attempt to reinforce your brand.

Retargeting ads help people to think again over a particular ad and allow them to remember in their subconscious mind about buying their products.

Retargeting ads put your brand in front of the leads again and get them to buy your products.

4. Create a Powerful landing page

A landing page is an initial page that a customer is redirected to when he/she clicks on your ad. Landing page acts as a turning point of advertisements as it makes your brand or breaks your brand. Landing page should always be-

  • Specific in nature
  • Clear
  • Concise 
  • Effective
  • Attractive
  • Decent text style and colors
  • Visual elements

Working on all these factors helps in achieving a good landing page conversion, ultimately resulting in maximizing leads.

5. Focus on the benefit of the product/service

An ad must show how the product or service is going to benefit customers. Customers are not interested in knowing how your brand is different from others but are interested to know how your product or service is going to help them.

An effective advertisement is one which is based on customers’ point of view. This will help in keeping your audience engaged and involved in what you are offering.


  • Advertising on various platforms

Advertising on multiple platforms, from Google to Facebook, helps to reach more people and cater more attention towards your brand ad.                                                  

  • Ad extensions

A strategy of online ads that is user friendly and easily accessible. It helps to stand out from the ads of various competitors. Various types of ad extensions are-

  1. Price extension
  2. Call extension
  3. Message extension

  • Invest in mobile-friendly technology

More than half of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Thus our ads and Landing pages must be mobile friendly as this will be easier for users to go through our brand ad. And also our ads will be able to reach maximum people.

  • Lookalike audience

The lookalike is precisely similar to the audience that is already following or has interacted with your brand earlier. Thus the idea behind this is to cater to more followers who can easily connect due to the same traits.

  • Using A/B testing

It is a technique that helps in experimenting with your brand ads. It compares your experiment that you perform with any controlled group.

The Parting Note:

From the launching of ads on various platforms to developing mobile-friendly landing pages, practicing the above techniques will surely help you enhance the quality of your google ads. It helps to cater to more audiences and will ultimately benefit your brand name and position. Thus mastering google display ads is not difficult when you follow the right practices.

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