10 Reasons to Use Instagram for Your Business


Instagram is becoming one of the most popular social media channels, with over 800 million active users worldwide. This rise of visual content on the internet is most apparent on Instagram, as a result of which most of the brands are scrambling to understand the best use of this platform.

So, let us understand the top 10 reasons to use Instagram for your business.

#1. Brand Recognition

We all know that visual content becomes more popular on social media. You can leverage this platform to reflect your brands’ uniqueness and differentiate your business.

So if you run a business that can be showed-off with good pictures, then you should definitely consider Instagram as your marketing platform.

#2. Make Money Directly From Instagram

According to a recent study, 72% of Instagram users have purchased products through Instagram because they can see quick reviews of the product in the comment section. Also, Instagram is continuously introducing many new features to support businesses and marketing.

With the recent feature of the shoppable post, businesses can now add tags to the products in their photos. Also, the best part here is that you can add links that describe the product with price and have the option “shop now,” which will redirect the user to the website.

#3. Stories About Your Business

People love watching stories as they are a less edited and more fun way of sharing content. Instagram stories are a great way to showcase products or make an announcement about a new launch. Also, you can share your day to day experience in an informal way with your customers via Instagram stories – therefore giving a personal feel to your business.

You can use these Insta stories to inform the customers about offers and sales to boost your audience engagement. Make live stories to show behind-the-scenes of your company and people who work there.

#4. Get into Partnership with Influencers

For a new business, influencers are a great way to promote your brand or product and turn the sales into a whole new level. So you can involve like-minded influencers to spread the word of the company that will get you millions of online followers in a short span of time.

#5. Use High-Quality Hashtags to Improve Visibility

If you are new in the industry, then a unique hashtag can do wonders for your business and improve your visibility. People can search for a particular hashtag and find all the posts related to your company in one place.

#6. Look Out the Competition

It is always a good idea to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. The question is, how can you do this?

Don’t worry, and it is very easy when you have information about competitors’ Instagram profiles. You can keep an eye on them by finding out the strategies incorporated by them to get more followers, the timing of the day when they are posting content, marketing campaigns that they are a part of, etc.

All this information can be used by you to build an effective marketing strategy for your business.

#7. Get More Traffic for Your Business

Instagram allows you to add a link in the bio. So, whenever you post something, you can add the link to your website in the bio. This will increase traffic on your website. You can also divert your Instagram followers to the sales page and convert them into sales.

So, adding creative photographs and maintaining a good profile can be beneficial for your website as well.

#8. Increased Engagement

In the latest research published by Forrester, it was concluded that the content on Instagram gives you 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and a whopping 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter.

So posting regularly on Instagram will give your business good audience engagement and hence more visibility.

#9. Capture Target Market

37% of people who use Instagram are of the age group 18-29 years, as per a research study published by Jenn’s Trends. So, if you are targeting this segment, Instagram is your savior.

Having said that, Instagram not only works for youth-oriented brands, but various other offbeat brands are getting popularity on this platform. So, businesses should definitely consider Instagram as a part of their marketing strategy.

#10. Keep an Eye on Current Market Trends

Instagram can help you to keep a watch on market trends and fashion. You can modify your products and services according to the current market conditions. Also, the businesses that update as per the market conditions are successful in building a positive customer image.

Final Thoughts

So, what are you waiting for? Create your Instagram for a Business profile today, and don’t’ forget to post some creative content so that you get some excellent collaborations. It is ultimately this visual world that will take your business up the ladder.

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