How To Use Influencer Marketing To Grow your Business


We often come across the term “Influencer” in our daily lives.

It has become a savvy word that most of the people are used to.

But what does it actually mean? What is Influencer Marketing? What do these influencers do and how brands approach them for marketing?

We understand that there are a lot of questions to be answered, so let’s get to it:

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a modern-day tool for marketing one’s product or service.  It is the means of collaborating with an influencer of a particular field that is related to your product or service and promoting your brand through them.

Influencers are those people who can affect people’s purchase decisions and get your brand, the awareness, and the sales it needs.  It is a form of content-driven campaign that is prevalent mostly in social media platforms.

But what makes an Influencer? How can we differentiate them and choose them to promote our brands and products?

It’s simple.  They can be anyone who has a huge number of followers on social media platforms or eminent people who are considered experts in their fields by other people. Although there is a slight difference between influencers and celebrities.

Celebrities normally collaborate in advertisements and commercials, where the product is praised and promoted. However, it is different when it comes to influencer marketing. Influencers can be anyone.  Even a normal person who has a good social media handle.

They are those people who have taken the time and effort to build their online presence and attract followers. They care about their reputation and image.  Influencer marketing involves influencers to promote a product with honest opinions but still persuade their followers to purchase it.

They can affect their followers’ buying decisions as their followers respect and trust the opinions of the influencer this is why they follow the influencer and not the brand itself.  They have built a reputation and are normally related to a distinctive niche.

Finding the influencer that is related to your brand and has good engagement with your potential customers, is crucial. How to do this? We have got some tips to help you with this:

# Define your Goals and Target Audience:

The first step of its marketing strategy must focus on setting defined goals. Chalk out what is it that you’re looking for from this marketing campaign. Do you want to build brand awareness, or generate leads or convert sales?

After understanding your goals, it’s time to target the right kind of audience What does your ideal client look like, or what are their interests? Do thorough research about the kind of audience who will be attracted to your brand. 

# Analyze the kind of Influencers your target audience follows:

After you find the right audience you want to target, analyze the different kinds of influencers they follow. What do their social accounts look like and how are they influenced by their influencers. List the influencers that your target audience follows in the majority. Do this and find the most relevant and the one that fits perfectly with your brand.

# Find the right Influencer and Pitch them

It is crucial to find the influencer who aligns with the brand, has a good social media handle, and has built a good reputation amongst their followers. This is important when it comes to persuading their audience. The followers don’t really care about the brand but they do value the opinions of these influencers. 

Find one such influencer who will be willing to market your brand and pitch them your offer. Make it interesting and rewarding by a good amount of money and gifts. 

# Build a Strategy

It is important to build a holistic strategy for your marketing campaign. Keep in mind your goals, your target audience, and also the kind of influence you’ll be collaborating with while designing your marketing strategy. 

Focus on these aspects and build step by step strategy involving the Influencer in the marketing strategy to provide insights. This will help collaborate well and build good relationships with them. 

# Give Value consistently

Once your marketing campaign kick-starts, offer value to your customers by Engaging with them, connecting with your audience, and giving offers and discounts. 

Also, make sure to compensate the Influencer and do giveaways that will help attract more audiences and retain them better. This is a crucial step to retain your customers and keep them coming back to your brand. If customers don’t find the value from your brand, it will adversely affect not only yours as well as the Influencer’s reputation. So, tread carefully and make the most of the strategy. 

In Conclusion:

Influencer Marketing has led to a collaboration between major influencers with top brands. This method of marketing is gaining popularity and is an effective way to drive sales and build brand awareness. People buy from people, hence there is a need to connect with other people. This is where influencer marketing harnesses the power to connect, to promote a brand. Use these tactics to effectively carry out your influencer marketing campaigns, and grow your business.

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