3 Link in Bio Tools You Can Use To Get Traffic from Instagram

3 Link in Bio Tools You Can Use To Get Traffic from Instagram

Instagram link is an excellent option to drive more traffic to your website. The only problem that marketers face is that Instagram allows only one link in your bio. Every time you need to market a new post, you will have to manually swap the link in bio.

This will limit you as a marketer and you can’t promote different products several times a week and you are not even able to promote every blog that you publish on your page. Clearly we need a different approach here in order to optimize the Instagram bio like in order to get maximum traffic.

In order to drive organic traffic to your website or landing pages, you need to constantly optimize this link. We have gathered some tools that will help you to get more out of your Instagram links. So instead of adding links for single pages of your website or blog, these tools will allow you to link more pages.

3 Best Link in Bio Tools for Instagram

#1. Shorby

This software has three tools blended in one. All the tools are dedicated to Instagram but can also be used on other social media channels. SmartPages in the main tool for link optimization on Instagram bio. The tools allow you to get the most out of your Instagram bio links.

Features –

#.You can add your logo and brand name to the page

#.The tool allows you to link various messenger services like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, or a regular phone number, etc.

#.Add links to your pages or posts in various styles to draw extra attention.

#.Add GIFs and Videos to your page to get more clicks

#.The tool automatically displays your latest blog post

#.You can add other social media links to promote your other platforms

#.The tool allows you to add stickers to the links

The tool will allow you to set the theme of the page and set tracking pixels for the purpose of remarketing. You can also use the tool for URL shortener and the “Click to Call” function can be used for customer service purposes.

#2. Linktree

Linktree is one of the best link optimizing tools for individual and small businesses. This tool helps to easily update Instagram bio links and drive more traffic to important content. The tool is seamless to use and has a very user-friendly interface. It is good for small businesses as they get a free version with most of the features.

Features –

#.Add unlimited links to your page.

#.You can see how much traffic your page is getting

#.You can see the number of link clicks

#.You get to choose the theme of your page from eight pre-designed themes

#.Constant support from the technical team

#You will get warnings for sensitive content and age-sensitive content. This will help to ensure that your content is in compliance with privacy and security standards.

With Linktree PRO you will get access to various additional features. You can add all social icons to your profile, including Whatsapp, email, and other contact links. You will also have more options to customize your page, change fonts, switch between various themes, etc.

Also, you get an additional feature of adding scheduled links to your bio. So the links will not appear on your public landing pages until the date and time that you have scheduled for them.

#3. ContactInBio

This is the best bio building tool for small and medium businesses and agency businesses. The tools help you to build a good landing page that will let the visitors have full information about your business and engage in meaningful conversations.

The tool has a free version that offers a variety of customization and analytical features that will help small businesses to track their traffic.

Features –

#.Customize your profile or URL with this tool. You get to choose from four domains that keep your brand name in focus.

#.Change the style of your links using various thumbnail images

#.Include various other social media links

#.Connect messaging platforms to your page so that visitors can easily contact you. You can connect various platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Viber, etc.

#Your visitors can even reach you through email with a simple contact form

Check your link visits

There is a business and agency version of this app that will provide various additional features on payment of nominal fees. With this, you can manage multiple accounts by linking them to your main account. You can even connect your Mailchimp account and send automated emails to your followers.

Final Word

If you want your Instagram page to have more than one link than the above tools are your solution. You can even use the tools to create marketing campaigns and gather maximum traffic and audience on Instagram. The tool that you choose will help you to achieve your marketing goal on Instagram.

So, give one of the above tools a try and optimize your page bio and also escape the limitation of adding one link. This way you can easily direct your followers to go to the landing page that you want.

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